Friday, October 2, 2009

From Claim "denied" to justice: Roberto Flores vs. Western Single Ply

This case settled in September 2009. Mr. Flores, a California resident was sent to Brownsville, Texas to work on a commercial roofing project. While working on July 31, 2007 he witnesses a concrete wall give way and fall crushing and killing two co-workers. Mr. Flores suffered post-traumatic stress disorder from witnessing this gruesome and traumatic event. Initially the insurance company denied Mr. Fløres claim for workers compensation benefits. Mr. Flores hired Jackson & jackson to assist him with his claim. Derek Jackson, one of the firms partners and lead trial attorneys was able to get Mr. Flores needed grief counseling. The insurance company finally made an offer to settle the claim for $10,000. Mr. Jackson rejected the offer and the matter was set for trial. On the day of trial Mr. Jackson was successful in obtaining a $70,000 cash settlement for Mr. Flores despite the fact that the claim was initially denied. Congratulations to Mr. Flores and Derek Jackson, Esq. Hard work and determination have resulted in a fair settlement. 

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